Name badges


A name badge transforms a nameless employee into a unique personality. A personality who puts their name right behind your company, and your customers will recognise that. Name badges are indispensable in the professional world, even just for their functional benefits. They make communication and distribution of garments easy. And the best part is, name badges work right away!

Our in-house embroidery is designed for 6000 name badges in 24 hours. There are over 400 different thread colours, widely differing formats and fonts available to you, so you always receive name badges tailored to your Corporate Identity. We deliver from just one piece, and with our name emergency service you can receive it in 24 hours.

You can apply our name badges yourself, or use our application service.



What sets us apart

Express production

We can 'get it done'. All thanks to modern equipment, highly motivated staff and years of experience.


Top support

Advice to make your vision wearable with a personal contact and personalised design concepts.


Satisfaction guarantee

There's more than one reason to be satisfied: choice, quality, consulting, price. We guarantee it!


Luxemburger Str. 15, 53842 Troisdorf

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