Finishing techniques




Embroidery is never 'just' embroidery, certainly not at AS Aktuell AG! First, there are the two different embroidery processes: direct embroidery and embroidery badges.

In direct embroidery, the fabric is stretched over a frame to enable a uniform position, even with hundreds of garments. The motif is embroidered directly into the fabric and later raises three-dimensionally from the base material. An embroidered border is not required. 

This is in complete contrast to embroidery badges, where you can choose the fabric colour, border colours, and embroidery colours for yourself. Your badge doesn't have to be a classic rectangle; round badges, for example, are also possible. Our name badges and epaulettes also fall into the category of embroidery finishing. All our embroidered badges speak to their own quality, as we use high quality fabrics and a high embroidery density. The result remains unharmed even after many industrial washes – in fact, the finish can sometimes be even more durable than the fabric itself.




When you hear the word appliqué, playful patches from your own childhood spring immediately to mind. But at A•S•Aktuell there's also appliqué which perfectly shows off your corporate identity, printed on your clothing like your own personal label.

Appliqués are a unique combination of a carrier material and various finishing techniques as textile printing, embroidery or diamante. There's no such thing as 'just appliqué': because your idea is married to our experience, a totally unique finish results.

Appliqué is also entirely feasible for large areas and can be applied to virtually all textiles.




Rhinestones are neither embroidered nor applied to the fabric with heat and pressure, but rather glued. Of course, this means textiles can be finished in locations which would not be accessible to a printing machine or embroidery machine. Rhinestone finishes are not suitable for industrial washes, but for this same reason they are an unusual kind of finishing, so they always ensure that you get the look you want. Even diamante decorations don't reduce the comfort of wearing the clothing in any way and allow it to really shine through. At A•S•Aktuell, you can even combine rhinestones with other finishing techniques.



Textile printing

As a finishing technique, textile printing is particularly well suited for textiles with a low gsm as well as for large runs. One advantage of print finishing versus embroidery  finishing is comfort, which is not affected by the finish in any way. Furthermore, even the smallest fonts and gradients are highly feasible.  

Here at A•S•Aktuell we mainly use transfers, but silk screening is also wholly possible. For transfers, motifs are cut into special sheets with a cutting plotter, which are then transferred to the fabric with heat and pressure. Durable and colourfast. Depending on the purpose and method of application, printed textiles from A•S•Aktuell are washable at up to 85°C for both whites and colours. In all cases, the washing instructions of the fabric must be observed.

You can either have our transfers affixed directly to your garments or apply them yourself.  


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