Personal protective equipment


Sadly, we can't control weather or visibility any better than you can. But we can make sure your employees have the right clothes for the job!

The purpose of personal protective equipment is not primarily to reflect your business's outlook, but to protect your employees as best you can according to the task at hand. Nevertheless, these employees should be able to identify with your company and feel themselves a part of the team. Accordingly, AS Aktuell AG offers suitable finishing for personal protective equipment alongside its textiles. Our spectrum ranges from flame retardant yarns and fabrics to reflective badges and badges in signal colours. Flame retardant textile prints are also possible. As a result, you are able to ensure that your Corporate Fashion excludes none of your employees!


What sets us apart

Express production

We can 'get it done'. All thanks to modern equipment, highly motivated staff and years of experience.


Top support

Advice to make your vision wearable with a personal contact and personalised design concepts.


Satisfaction guarantee

There's more than one reason to be satisfied: choice, quality, consulting, price. We guarantee it!


Luxemburger Str. 15, 53842 Troisdorf

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