Corporate Fashion


The difference between simply wonderful and wonderfully practical.

A consistent Corporate Identity is essential to the success of a company. It is crucial that the company vision is supported on all levels. The CI concept works in two ways. Externally, it ensures brand recognition, which in turn strengthens the trust of your customers. Internally, a consistent corporate identity promotes a feeling of belonging to your employees, who then consider themselves to be part of the whole.

One way to really reflect the corporate vision at every level of the company is Corporate Fashion – staff clothing which is unified, but still suited to the task. Corporate Fashion can contribute a lot to the success of a company and hasn't been synonymous with boring uniforms for a long time. On the contrary, we find fabrics for each company which reflect their character perfectly and which aren't just fashionable but also suited to each purpose. We're happy to advise you in choosing your garments, in suitable finishing techniques and in handling the logistics. You can rely on our logistics service for this.

No matter where you're wearing your corporate fashion – AS Aktuell AG offers you solutions for every use case: high-end, hard-wearing, professional workwear.

What sets us apart

Express production

We can 'get it done'. All thanks to modern equipment, highly motivated staff and years of experience.


Top support

Advice to make your vision wearable with a personal contact and personalised design concepts.


Satisfaction guarantee

There's more than one reason to be satisfied: choice, quality, consulting, price. We guarantee it!


Luxemburger Str. 15, 53842 Troisdorf

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