Needs differ. Quality stays the same.

Depending on the industry in which it is used, but also depending on the responsibilities of each employee, workwear must meet differing requirements. Professional workwear in a workshop calls for other qualities than an elegant outfit in a bank. But despite different uses, every outfit should be seen as a part of the Corporate Fashion. AS Aktuell AG fabrics are always a safe choice, and fundamentally consider the specifications of your CI.

With us, Oeko-Tex 100 goes without saying and other standards can be met for special requirements. We offer our customers textiles which, for example, meet ISO 1579 standards and are therefore suitable for industrial washing. We also offer flame retardant fabrics which meet EN 11612.

For our day to day work we also aim to ensure that you can rely on our fabrics for comfort and longevity. The key is brand quality, such as Olymp for shirts.

AS Aktuell AG offers fabrics from a broad spectrum, including t-shirts and polo necks, button-ups and blouses, not to mention sweatshirts and pullovers as well as hats, aprons and cooks' jackets.

If your needs fall outside of this range, we can do special orders.

What sets us apart

Express production

We can 'get it done'. All thanks to modern equipment, highly motivated staff and years of experience.


Top support

Advice to make your vision wearable with a personal contact and personalised design concepts.


Satisfaction guarantee

There's more than one reason to be satisfied: choice, quality, consulting, price. We guarantee it!


Luxemburger Str. 15, 53842 Troisdorf

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